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Student ordered to pay $800 over failed lawsuit

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Milton Hershey school was accused of forcing boys to watch conversion therapy videos (YouTube/Milton Hershey School)

A student who claimed an elite school forced him to undergo conversion therapy after he was caught watching gay porn has been ordered to pay $800 of the school’s legal fees.

Former student Adam Dobson claimed he was forced to watch an hour-long “conversion therapy” video of the anti-LGBT+ pastor Sy Rogers, the leader of the “gay cure” movement, as punishment for downloading gay porn as a high school freshman at Milton Hershey boys’ boarding school.

Milton Hersheys school is the richest private school in the United States, with about $13.8 billion in assets, IRS records show.

He said this was followed by a campaign of prayer sessions and other efforts to get him to change his sexual orientation.

In May, federal judge John E. Jones III dismissed his lawsuit against the school and questioned whether Dobson’s treatment constituted conversion therapy.

“Plaintiff’s subjective accusation that Defendants engaged in ‘gay conversion therapy’ does not make it so,” the judge wrote in his ruling.

Adam Dobson was ordered to pay $800 towards his former school’s legal fees after he claimed he underwent conversion therapy at the institution.

Now, Dobson has been ordered to pay $800 to the school to cover some of its legal fees in defending the case, according to PennLive.

The order was filed in the US Middle District Court on Wednesday (7 October). The former student could have been ordered to pay as much as $20,000 of the school’s legal fees. Dobson can contest the fee if he wishes to do so.

In his original lawsuit, Dobson accused his house parents, Andrew and Deanna Slamans, of engaging in “gay conversion therapy” when they showed him the video.

After Dobson’s case was made public, a second former student came forward and said that he too had been forced to watch the video.

The school admitted that boys at the boarding school had been shown the video, but disputed that it counted as conversion therapy.

In his May ruling, the judge ruled that the video was acceptable and said the prayer campaign did not constitute conversion therapy as the couple “never explicitly mentioned his sexual orientation during the prayers” and “never indicated in the prayers that they preferred that he be straight.”

In his junior year at the school, Dobson attempted suicide, and was later expelled in 2013.


Student battles homophobic anti-Black Lives Matter protester…with a trombone / Queerty

Student battles homophobic anti-Black Lives Matter protester…with a trombone /

Meet Trey Hogan, a freshman at the University of South Carolina. Hogan has elicited cheers after he stood up to a demonstrator spouting racist and homophobic garbage by drowning out his comments with a trombone.

The protester appeared on the UofSC campus last week. True to form, he carried a sign that read “BLM are racist thugs,” and wore a “Make America Great Again” hat. As the demonstrator began to spout his hate, Hogan stepped up to do his part.

“I just had the idea to drown his sound out with mine, so I got my trombone and … I was kind of hesitant at first, but then everyone supported it,” Hogan told WLTX News. “He was saying some pretty hateful stuff, and I just didn’t agree with any of it.”

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Video of the incident went viral, depicting Hogan blowing out loud wails every time the protester tried to speak. The counterprotesters went nuts, cheering him on each time.

“I didn’t really expect so many people to react the way they did but it feels really good, and it feels really nice to know that people are so supportive of what I did and they want to show their support to me,” Hogan added.

The viral video of the incident has brought Hogan all kinds of acclaim, including praise from Bob Caslen, President of the University of South Carolina.

The demonstrator on Greene St. today may have a constitutional right to be there & say what he wants, but his words do not reflect the values & principles of our university,” Caslen said via Twitter. “I applaud our @UofSC students who peacefully voiced their opposition to the hate he was spewing.”

Ultimately, Hogan played for two full hours until the Trump-supporting protester’s megaphone died. After that, a local pizzeria reached out to Hogan, offering him free pizza for the remainder of his college years. Hogan also got a shout-out from Gayle King of CBS News, who said “I love Trey Hogan.”

For Hogan though, the notoriety he has received from the protest doesn’t overshadow the pushback against hate. “It shows that we support everyone here. It’s just not okay, and we don’t want that on this campus,” Hogan declared.

Hey Trey, you can blow your horn in front of us anytime.

Florida student regains bathroom access in major win for transgender rights

Florida student regains bathroom access in major win for transgender

A federal appeals court delivered a major victory in transgender rights by ruling a Florida high school violated the law by refusing to allow transgender student Andrew Cody Adams to use the restroom consistent with his gender identity.

The decision relies heavily on the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, which found anti-LGBTQ discrimination in employment is a form of unlawful sex discrimination.

Adams, now 19 and a former student at Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Fla., said in a statement he’s “very happy to see justice prevail, after spending almost my entire high school career fighting for equal treatment.”

“High school is hard enough without having your school separate you from your peers and mark you as inferior,” Adams said. “I hope this decision helps save other transgender students from having to go through that painful and humiliating experience.”

Tara Borelli, counsel at the LGBTQ legal group Lambda Legal, which represents Adams, said in a statement the court “sent a clear message that schools must treat transgender students with the same dignity and respect as any other student.”

“The trial court was correct when it ruled that the law requires that Drew Adams be treated like every other boy and be allowed to use the boys’ restroom,” Borelli said. “We are glad the court saw the school board’s policy as unjust and discriminatory, and affirmed the inherent dignity of transgender students.”

via Washington Blade