Okay so for starters here’s what I got

I’m 5’6 and 125 pounds and got the size small.

When they first arrived I was worried they would be too big because I’m so used to buying boys boxers which visually look much smaller than these. These looked bigger than what I’m used to BUT when I tried them on they were a perfect fit. I probably could have fit into an XS because of the stretchy material these are made out of but the small is pretty damn close to a perfect fit. They are tight around my body but not in an uncomfortable way, it’s almost like you can’t even feel them there. The material is also very breathable.

Because I’m so skinny, men’s boxers don’t really fit me so I usually would buy boys XL. The difference in fit between boys boxers vs these that are actually made for adult bodies is amazing. It’s crazy that for the first time I am wearing underwear that is actually designed for bodies like mine.

Another thing to note is not having that extra fabric pocket in the groin area that you find with men’s underwear while at the same time maintaining a masculine feel with TomboyX is nice.

Something else I noticed in the difference between these vs men’s/boys underwear is the extra layer of fabric in the crotch area (similar to how regular women’s underwear has the extra fabric there for leaks during period/while ovulating etc) TomboyX has that extra layer of fabric, I know that with boys underwear there would be times where I would leak through them while ovulating so it’s also great that I won’t be having that problem with TomboyX.

The overall quality and design of the underwear is also great! The specific pair that I got has a very soft spandex/cotton feel, I’m not exactly sure what type of material they actually used thats just what they feel like to me lol

I will mention however that I feel that the price point is pretty expensive. Do I feel like these underwear are above average? Yes! But do I also feel that they’re kind of pricey? Yes. Ideally I’d love for every single pair of underwear I own to be made for bodies like mine, so specifically from brands like TomboyX. But if I’m going to get 10 pairs of underwear to replace my old underwear I’d be spending over $300 and that’s a lot of money for just underwear. I don’t blame TomboyX for their prices though, I feel that once the market catches up and more brands like TomboyX appear that all prices for this specialty type of underwear will eventually go down.

Another possible con to these underwear is that I wish the waistband was just a little bit thicker. I’m a thick waistband type of gal, like you know when your shirt rises up and you get a lil peek of the waistband, I like that. BUT this is all just personal preference and it’s not like the waistband is tiny or anything, just a pretty standard size.

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for underwear made with masculine women in mind 🙂