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Official trailer for season two is finally here

Lawrence Chaney rides giant bagpipes while other queens pose outside an entrance

Things got, er, odd in the first trailer for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. (Screen captures via Twitter)

Drag queens, start your engines – the official trailer for the long-awaited second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK dropped Sunday evening (3 January) and yup, we are absolutely gagging for it.

Immediately sparking hope that maybe 2021 won’t be a truly cursed dumpster fire like the year prior was, the trailer was released on BBC Three’s official Twitter and we’re honestly suspect David Lynch directed it as it is weird. Very weird.

“*Screams* The Drag Race UK series two trailer is here!!!!” the tweet read. “*Continues screaming until 14 January at 7pm when the first episode drops on BBC iPlayer*.”

“Hey sis!” RuPaul begins in the video. “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Sheep, tea and a lot of glitter: Drag Race UK is shaping up to be aggressively British 

The camera zooms out to reveal a backstage room where the queens can be seen doing everything from riding horses to walking sheep while puppies run around them in the surreal preview.

Television monitors with Mama Ru’s face can be seen around the room, belting some of her famous lines in what is essentially RuPaul’s 1984, as the 12 contestants shimmy and dance.

There are many, many meme-worthy moments, but seeing the franchise’s first Scottish contestant, Lawrence Chaney, riding a giant bagpipe as she shouts “slow down, Nessie” is certainly one fever dream-grade highlight.

As well as Tayce hypnotically saying her name over and over again and Tia Kofi wearing a tea cup shaped dress, because Britain, we guess.

Returning 14 January on BBC iPlayer, the new season will see RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and Graham Norton preside over a diverse new cast of queens.

It will also see a constellation of UK talent joining the judging panel, including Dawn French, Maya Jama and Jessie Ware, Elizabeth Hurley, Lorraine Kelly, Sheridan Smith, MNEK and Jourdan Dunn.

Netflix’s Official “The Prom” Trailer Is All Glitter and Gay

Netflix's Official "The Prom" Trailer Is All Glitter and Gay

The time for Prom is approaching faster than actual Prom does your senior year of high school and we know this because the full trailer is finally here!

I’ve been feeling so conflicted about this because the Broadway show was SO so great and my feelings were a little hurt when Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla weren’t tapped to reprise their roles in the film version of their musical, and frankly I didn’t know if I could trust Ryan Murphy to not shift the focus to the adult characters instead of the teen lesbians, but I adore Ariana DeBose, and Jo Ellen Pellmen sparkles in this preview, and honestly if the balance in the movie is similar to the balance in the trailer, I think this is going to be a great movie. A glittery, glamorous, gay time full of fun and feelings. Plus with stars like Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, and Meryl Streep…it can’t be anything less than dazzling right?

I won’t lie, I went into this trailer with low expectations, but by the time Keegan-Michael Key said, “Okay, I admit, that got to me” I was feeling the exact same way. I got fully swept up in it and finally, finally allowed myself to get genuinely excited about this movie.

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Sunday Funday Is Soaring With the “Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer

Sunday Funday Is Soaring With the "Wonder Woman 1984" Trailer

First and foremost: Happy Birthday to my girlfriend, who is perfect, who I love to pieces, and who can finally pretend that they’re older than me (hahaha, I’m older than you baby!!!). Can’t wait to keep growing with you forever and ever. Ew, is love real?! Ugh. I guess so.

Okay, now. Happy Sunday little bumblebees! This week I hung up most of my art, cried only like three days out of the week, applied for two jobs, and discovered a bunch of new Hebrew music. It was a solid 6/10, and what more can I ask for? As Ari from Grease Bats (god I have a gay name) reminded us yesterday, “the entire world is in a collective depression”, so any moments of happiness are to be celebrated! So, while we celebrate my average week and the birth of my girlfriend, let’s also get into some collective joy!

+ I found this song this week and added it to my country music playlist and uh, you need to hear it if you haven’t.

+ Nigerian lesbian film Ife is going to be available online in order to avoid censors

+ Mikael Owunna’s photo project, “Limitless Africans” looks at LGBTQ+ African immigrants living their lives in over 10 countries. Such as this gorgeous photo entitled “Four Queer African Women in the Snow:”

 Historically, these are spaces that have not been welcoming to black people. They’ve been hostile, violent. There’s a shot of the Black Panthers in the snow by Hiroji Kubota where you see that same idea of black people asserting ourselves in a space of snow, asserting selfhood even as the world tries to tell us that we can’t. We’re going to take it for ourselves, just like we did on this street, in the face of the elements.

+ In the New York Times’ obituary series covering those whom the paper previously ignored, Susan Ware writes about Leonora O’Reilly, who fought for the rights of working class women.

+ Outfest, the LGBTQ+ film festival is virtual this year, and here are 10 films making buzz.

+ Shania pulled out the leopard print bodysuit to remind men that they don’t impress her much in Orville Peck’s new music video.

+ Quinn Whitney Wilson is more than King Princess’ girlfriend, she’s an artist in her own right, and she’s helping Black women to shine through her work.

+ Do people care about Shakespeare anymore? Anyway, he’s “definitely bisexual”, whatever that means for someone who died over a century ago. I’m really glad we called him Shakesqueer in high school. Feeling ahead of the curve.

+ Listen, don’t stan politicians. But it is cool to see that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a towel rack that’s obnoxiously normal.

+ A visual history of the Suffrage movement.

+ If there’s any time to study the work of Octavia Butler it’s now; and the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA will fund a one-year fellowship for someone to do just that!

+ There’s an official Wonder Woman 1984 trailer!!! 

+ Some lesbian penguins have just adopted an egg. Good for them.

+ Beverley Ditsie is a South African lesbian who’s done amazing work for African lesbians throughout the continent. 

+ Brandi Carlile was on the Kelly Clarkson Show and baby when I tell you they sang down?!???? I love her so much.

There was so much good news to choose from this week, and I’m so happy I got to share it with you. I’m gonna celebrate another successful week with some of the sourdough biscuits that I recently made and give my cats some playtime because they are feeling… some type of way about me being around all the time but not playing with them every waking moment. I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m grateful for you (Especially after y’all helped keep the site alive for another year! Thank you!!!). Drink water, take naps, take walks, and remember that love is real. See you soon friends ❤️


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