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Get Out! – Gay Owned Travel Agent & Tour Operator in Silver Spring, Massachusetts

Get Out! - Gay Owned Travel Agent & Tour Operator in Silver Spring, Massachusetts

Get Out! - Gay Owned Travel Agent & Tour Operator in Silver Spring, Massachusetts


At GET OUT! Excursions, we focus on creating custom group and individual tours. Whether you want to explore new places and see new things on your own, or want to escape your daily lives as a couple for some quiet R&R, we can help. We also put together tours for groups of friends or family who want to see the world together.

Get Out! Excursions has an extensive network of local, on-the-ground tour operators, which allows us to take your ideas and desires and run with them, creating something unique and special for you and your vacation companion(s).

What’s on your bucket list? We can help you check off your list, anticipating your travel needs and desires.

We also put together our own unique tours to places and events that we feel are “must sees” for today’s travelers.

See the Get Out! Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

Cabrillo National Monument – 2 Travel Dads

Cabrillo National Monument - 2 Travel Dads

Cabrillo National Monument - 2 Travel Dads

San Diego, California is such a popular west coast destination. We all love to head to SoCal for the nearly guaranteed sunshine and beaches where you can actually swim. And the coastal vibe is so different, with bare feet everywhere and flowers blooming on the bluffs year round. Cabrillo National Monument is a great place to experience that great SoCal feeling.

Cabrillo National Monument is part of the National Parks system (#FindYourPark) and it’s perfectly located for an awesome afternoon during a San Diego visit. Planning a day out at Cabrillo includes everything from lighthouses to tide pools, picnics to National Park Passport stamps. Yep, our family has favorite activities and Southern California is the perfect spot to do all of them!

Finding the Cabrillo National Monument

A lot of people visiting San Diego are going to be playing tourist in the Gaslamp District or being fancy and lounging on Coronado Island, but there’s so much more to San Diego. The beach neighborhoods are awesome! Starting at the north is La Jolla (it’s own city) with its cove full of seals, then working the way down is Hermosa and the bluffs, and then it’s the beaches!

Full Story at 2Travel Dads

San Diego Gay Travel Resources

Midway to Vegas… • Travel with Mei and Kerstin

Midway to Vegas…


Bruised clouds stacked up. They crouched over the mountains, clung to them, sucking on their peaks. Then they let loose, and moved across the plane like on a chessboard. They were heading for our direction.


With the clouds came the wind. Sand whirls rose along the road. A thick layer of brown dust formed on the windshield of our rented Ford. We kept driving. Knowing that we were still an hour away from our destination.


Then up from the valley it came: an ultraviolet burst that illuminated the sky for a second. I turned off the radio. The fun was officially over. Fat raindrops began slapping against the windshield. We stopped talking, concentrating on the road, already slickened by the drizzle.


I thought I saw a golden shimmer ahead and took out my camera. But the spot soon shifted into a different light. I wanted to capture everything but I couldn’t capture anything. Everything is a shadow. Here, more than anywhere. It’s like trying to comprehend what doesn’t want to be comprehended.


So we kept driving. Through dirty roads. In awe. Feeling small. Tiny, like a sand corn in the huge clockwork of the world. We kept driving. Up and down. Up and down.


photo credit: Ryan Hallock imagine the possibilities. via photopin (license)

And suddenly, in the heart of nowhere, a city rose like a late cherry blossom. We knew it shouldn’t be there but there it was, in all its glory. Shimmering lights as far as the eye could see. 


We still couldn’t grasp how quick the storm rolled in and out again. This was new territory for us. We got parachuted into a different dimension. Another planet? Perhaps.

An hour later… we stood on the top of the world. Feeling shaky. The desert winds agitated the tower’s crown. We could feel the rumble beneath our feet.

For the first time, I understood how far humans will go to realize a rich man’s dream. Their foolishness, as well as their craziness. Don Quixote in the modern world: still fighting for freedom and for their unspeakable truths. 

Parts of us wanted to join in the joy, the craziness. So we abandoned ourselves to the city. Deliberately loosing ourselves, sinking in, hovering between her legs, to become one with her… Las Vegas.


Las Vegas by night
Las Vegas by night © Travelwithmk.com


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Road trip to Las Vegas


Ten sexy men from across the globe to whet your appetite for a return to travel / GayCities Blog

Ten sexy men from across the globe to whet your

GayCities encourages you to stay safe during the Covid 19 pandemic. If you choose to travel, we recommend that you follow all CDC Travel Guidelines and adhere closely to all local regulations regarding face coverings, social distancing and other safety measures.

This month photographer Liam Campbell celebrates five years of traveling the world, meeting a diverse range of local men, and showcasing them in the magazine Elska. While the Coronavirus pandemic, when travel is limited, he reflects on travels past and fantasizing about travels to come.

Here Liam shares exclusively with GayCities some of the most sexy and interesting men and moments from the past five years.

Juan C (Bogotá, Colombia)

When coming up with this list of ten unforgettable men and moments from a project where I’ve so far photographed nearly five hundred guys, the first person to come to mind was Juan. Not only is he one of the best friends I’ve made during my Elska travels, but our shoot was also one of the most insane. We started at his place, shooting some nude photos in his at-home recording studio (Juan is part of the group Los Rombos) and then took a walk around his Bogotá neighborhood for outdoor shots. Around halfway through our session, cops decided to come over and ask what we were doing. We were in a public place, with no permission or permit required whatsoever, but they decided to use the opportunity to intimidate us for their amusement. This included them taking the camera and looking through the photos, including Juan’s nude images, and then laughing amongst each other and taunting us with comments that I did not have the Spanish language skills to understand. It was incredibly frustrating but it did not have the intended effect to humiliate us whatsoever. We left with our heads held high, and perhaps this was what created a bond of friendship that continues to this day.

Anzie V (Mumbai, India)

Mumbai is one my favorite cities, but it’s also incredibly chaotic, crowded, and absolutely massive. Anzie worked in the city not far from Colaba where I was staying (definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Mumbai), but he lived a fair distance and commute away. So he asked if it might be okay to stay the night with me so that we could shoot in the evening and then he could go straight to work the next morning. Trying to be kind, especially in a culture where I’d come to discover how hospitable the locals are, I agreed. However, as much as I try to keep a professional mindset, sharing a bed with this insanely hot guy was a bit of a challenge. I barely got an hour’s sleep all night with all the nerves over whether I might “bump” into him in the night, or embarrass myself some other way. Everything turned out fine though, and the next morning we took a few sunrise shots in the area, followed by coffee, and then another brief interrogation by a local cop. This time, however, I didn’t have any of the indoor pics still on the camera, so there was no teasing to endure.

Ky S (Yokohama, Japan)

When I started Elska I just wanted a way to combine my love of photography, men, and travel, but over time my work started to have a broader meaning, such as increasing visibility, promoting diversity, and breaking stereotypes. One of the things I noticed early on was that much of LGBTQ media tends to lack diversity, and where it exists, it can be laden with misconceptions. Ky here definitely was one to break stereotypes about Asian men.

Taras D (Lviv, Ukraine)

The first Elska issue I ever created was in Lviv, Ukraine. It was a city I chose mainly because I personally was interested in visiting it (I gave a lot of focus to Ukraine in my master’s degree), and also because it’s a really cheap country to travel in. Certainly, it wasn’t the sort of city you’d probably select as the first destination of a gay magazine, but it’s a place I fell in love with, mainly for the beautiful people and the proliferation of brutalist ugly-pretty buildings, which I adore. In particular, there are many abandoned buildings and ruin sites throughout the country. For our shoot, Taras took me to a former Soviet army mess hall, hidden on a hill within a small urban forest. In much of the world, such places are fenced off for concerns of health and safety, but in much of post-communist Europe, you can still sneak inside and nobody cares. It was one of my favorite shoot settings ever. I’m quite tempted to return to Ukraine one day for more of the same, perhaps to the capital Kyiv next time.

Raj B (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Another one of my favorite ever shoots was with Raj. As a Hindu living in a majority Muslim country, he suggested we meet in Tanti Bazaar, a mainly Hindu part of Old Dhaka. To say the area was busy would be a major understatement, and it was a huge challenge to photograph Raj amongst the hustle and danger of oncoming people and rickshaws. But it was also one of the most unforgettable afternoons of my life. I followed him around as he took me through various narrow alleyways, paused at street stalls for snacks I’d never tried before, guided me onto various rickety boats for short rides along the river, and even tried to give me a tour of a big pink palace (unfortunately they wanted an exorbitant entry fee for me as a special ‘foreigner price’ that sent Raj into an bit of a mild rage – I appreciated his efforts though). If I ever find myself in Dhaka again, I want to return to that pink palace, but next time I’ll get the tickets and Raj won’t be able to get upset about it.

Will T Jr (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

It’s become a sort of tradition that in every city I visit I end up crushing on one of the people I meet. Nothing ever comes of it, I’m a happily married and boring gay man after all, but it usually causes me some nervousness and awkwardness. I’m not sure if Will noticed since he’d never met the ‘normal’ me, but the crush I had on him was so severe that I was a complete mess. I was so clumsy that I did one of the worst photography jobs ever (though fortunately, I took so many shots that there were still enough good ones to use) and I was so bumbling that I started telling ridiculous dad jokes even though that’s something I never do. I suppose that was my way of impressing him? Maybe it worked actually because at the end of the shoot he invited me out. Of course, I said “maybe” but I knew I wouldn’t ever turn it into a yes. As much as I liked Will, I would have just made a fool of myself.

Raph R (Manila, Philippines)

Another one of my crushes was on Raph in Manila, but in our case my awkwardness was tempered by the fact that we could not stop fighting with each other. As soon as we met, Raph pegged me as some kind of white colonizer who would look down on Filipinos as ‘exotic’ or ‘third world’. I suppose in reality he knew I was not like that, but he tested me by throwing all sorts of arguments my way, which due to my love for playing devil’s advocate, I ended up arguing right back in the ugly American role (is there a British version for this term?). I think this impassioned mood is what led to one of the most inspired shoots I’ve ever done. I shot him naked climbing over bags of coffee (his family runs a coffee roastery), doing acrobatics in front of his bathroom mirror, and playing with depth of field in his dark blue bedroom amongst these little smiley cut-outs he had hanging from the ceiling. Raph and I stayed in touch, and through that, I noticed that our previous fighting was just banter. Even so, if I ever meet him again, I look forward to arguing some more.

Nathan T (Perth, Australia)

One of my main values for Elska is that anyone who wants to take part is welcome and that there’s no casting procedure that prioritizes celebrities. However, celebrities are still people, and after all these years it’s natural that a few famous guys found their way into my work. Yet while Nathan here isn’t really a celebrity, for me he was the person who made me feel the most starstruck in my life. Nathan had appeared on a certain TV baking competition, and I was a big fan of him and the show. Because of this I ended up following him on Insta, and then to my shock, he followed me back. Then when I announced I was coming to shoot an issue in his native Perth, he was up for taking part. I was ecstatic, but also slightly concerned that he’d want to use the opportunity to promote his career, when really the goal is to showcase the ordinary side of each person. However, he was completely on the same page, and so the story he wrote gave no mention of his reality TV past. In fact, this may be the first time I’ve even mentioned him and his celebrity status.

Ashley S (Cape Town, South Africa)

One of the most interesting aspects of doing my work is discovering how different societies behave towards queerness. In lots of places, men often don’t want to do the indoor part of the photoshoot because their parents or flatmates don’t know they’re gay, or perhaps they just feel awkward having a stranger in their home. London and Seoul were some of the worst places in this regard. One of the best though, perhaps surprisingly, was Cape Town. I’ll never forget when I was shooting Ashley and his boyfriend in his bedroom that Ashley’s mum kept barging in to offer us coffee, biscuits, a sandwich, or just to ask a question. The same was true in Mumbai, where numerous times a mum or grandma would interrupt a photoshoot to bring tea. There was no shame, no embarrassment, just a really open household that I wish all queer people had the fortune to experience. And in this case, I was all the more glad because Ashley’s mum really made a mean cup of coffee.

Temelalj C (Taipei, Taiwan)

Every person who takes part has the option to shoot clothed, nude, or both. The first part is out in the city and the second at home, but occasionally I meet some rather brave and crazy men who fancy stripping off out in the open. Temelalj was one of them. We met at one the Taipei’s university campuses, and although it was a Sunday morning, it wasn’t completely devoid of people. Temelalj was determined though, perhaps he had a naked outdoors fantasy to live out, so he led me around to the back of one of the science labs, where he thought it would be quiet. There he did a quick look around and then stripped off to nothing. At first I tried to be quick, but soon we both sort of forgot about the nudity, that is until a family happened to walk by. They barely seemed to react though, but we made our escape at that moment anyway, just in case.

Liam Campbell is editor and photographer of the indie print mag, Elska. For this project, each issue is made in a different city and features a random selection of around a dozen ordinary local gay / queer men, each photographed in their city and at home, and each accompanied by a personal story. This month the project marks its fifth anniversary, so far comprising twenty-nine issues in twenty-nine cities and nearly five hundred photographic subjects.

Issues of Elska Magazine are available, both in a limited edition print version and in an e-version. Signed art prints, annual subscriptions, and a behind-the-scenes bonus zine called Elska Ekstra are also available.

Gay Quito Travel Guide – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Quito Travel Guide - The Nomadic Boys

Gay Quito Travel Guide - The Nomadic Boys

Panting for breath after walking just 5 steps…that was our first memory of Quito as soon as we touched down at the Mariscal Sucre airport. Standing proud at 2,850 metres (9,350ft) high, tucked away in the Andes Mountains, Quito is the second-highest official capital city in the world after La Paz in Bolivia. And bloody hell you certainly feel it!

Other than panting for breath every 5 minutes, Quito packs a punch for gay travellers. It’s not only a cultural gem with a really pretty Old Town to explore, it also has an impressive and vibrant gay scene. The capital city of Ecuador is also located right by the equator line from which it takes its name. Locals nickname Quito as “la mitad del mundo” or the middle of the world.

We spent half a year based in the middle of the world during our big trip to Latin America and fell in love with it. It’s an inexpensive place, extremely pretty, never too hot and never too cold. It’s also a very rewarding destination due to the variety of food to try and the variety of hot guys to meet!

We’ve bundled all our first-hand experiences from Quito into this comprehensive gay guide covering the best gay bars, clubs, hotels to stay, things to do and more.

Is Quito safe for gay travellers?

Quito is the touristic and LGBTQ capital of Ecuador – a country that legalised gay marriage in 2019 and was one of the first in the world to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation back in 1998. The city has a very active LGBTQ community, along with quite a diverse LGBTQ scene and a popular Pride every June that has taken place almost every year since 1998.

As a gay couple, we never had any problems in any of the hotels we stayed in. We always felt welcomed and never faced any issues when asking for a double bed. The only thing we’d say about Quito, which applies to all travellers (straight or gay), there are parts of the city which are a bit dodgy, such as the Old Town in the evening after dark.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

Ecuador Gay Travel Resources

Black queer travel guide wants to build bridges across the diaspora

Black queer travel guide wants to build bridges across the

When straight cisgender people travel, they think about the sun, spending money and which tourist spots to hit first.

But travelling as queer person means having to think about homophobia, and about the more than 70 countries in the world where homosexuality is illegal. Travelling as a Black person means having to think about the anti-Black racism that remains entrenched around the world. And travelling as a Black queer person – in a world where more than half of LGBT+ people of colour have faced racist discrimination from within the queer community, never mind outside of it – means thinking about both.

This is something Paula Akpan, the Black British lesbian journalist and historian, knows all too well.

Once, when trying to plan a trip with her girlfriend, Akpan made a list of countries around the world, skipping the ones where they might face threats of violence from racism or homophobia. It left a very small, sad list of places that might be safe. 

“For the longest time I wanted to go to Italy, until I saw Black people being like: ‘No!’” she tells PinkNews.

Although historically beautiful and easy to get to from London (where Akpan lives) Italy has a serious problem with racism, something many travellers might not be immediately aware of. For reasons such as this, Akpan and many like her are reliant on word of mouth when planning.

“I’m very dependent on what other people – specifically Black people, and ideally, Black queer people – have to say about places that they’ve been,” Akpan adds.

“When you’re having a gay bar being described to you, it’s like, but is it white? Is this a space that I’ll feel comfortable with?”

Out of this experience came the idea for The Black Queer Travel Guide, a resource that hopes to stop people from having to choose between their Blackness and their queerness when travelling.

A web app populated by articles written by queer Black locals, the guide would make travel and exploring while queer and Black easier safer and more enjoyable.

Using it would be as easy, Akpan explains, as saying “you have 24 hours in Rio de Janeiro, here are the places that you need to go. And all of these places are Black queer-friendly or Black queer-owned”.

At its heart, The Black Queer Travel Guide is about more than just vacationing – it’s also about connecting and building ties across the diaspora, enabling users to find community in the countries that they or their families are originally from.

“In a country where it’s criminalised to be queer, then of course, you’re going to be somewhat underground, or will be using language or platforms in a way that isn’t as easily accessible,” explains Akpan. “If you don’t know where to look, it can feel like you are the only Black queer person in a country.”

So far, Akpan has created a web app to host The Black Queer Travel Guide with a group of developers, and is crowdfunding to commission Black queer travel writers from around the world to populate it, offering unmatched insider knowledge, authentic information and resources.

Funds raised will also go towards moderating the guide, with second stage funding going towards the development of a fully-fledged app.

“In five years time, I would love to have a downloadable app,” explains Akpan. “You arrive at your destination, you open it and there’s a pinpointed map that shows you what’s going around in your area with ambassadors from various countries who are happy to show people around.”

The crowdfunding site is currently live and welcoming donations here.  




Gay Aspen, Colorado Travel & Hotels – wolfyy

gay aspen

gay aspen

One of the most luxurious ski towns in the United States, Aspen draws a loyal crowd that’s eager to have a good time. Most LGBT travelers also have this unique Colorado destination on their radars for the yearly Aspen Gay Ski Week events.

Aspen isn’t just a winter destination. Tourists visit all year round! While more people come once it’s cold enough for snow, many travelers enjoy the mountainous terrain all year. Seeing the yellow Aspen trees in Autumn is priceless.

Similar to nearby Vail, Aspen has a largely transient community, which means the number of gay travelers there can fluctuate. You’ll of course find yourself amongst a sea of other gay guys during Aspen Gay Ski Week, as well as a decent bunch over the winter season.

LGBT Aspen: Hotels & Vacation Rentals

When people think of staying in Aspen, luxury typically comes to mind. There are so many options for luxury resorts and vacation rentals. I’ll fill you in on which hotels are perfect for you, whether you like to be in the center of it all or prefer a secluded mountain chalet.

Full Aspen Gay Travel Guide on wolfyy – by Louis Lafata

Gay Colorado Resources

EveryQueer & OutAdventures to Host Lesbian Vacations and Lesbian Group Travel

EveryQueer & OutAdventures to Host Lesbian Vacations and Lesbian Group

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been searching for a place where I belong. I’ve found glimmers of it over time. Like when I’d split a cab with my roommate and we’d both turn around to see the Manhattan skyline out of the back window while we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge. Or the first time I went to a drag show and saw real live lesbians (gasp) at my local college queer club, Muthers (RIP).

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that my place isn’t necessarily a city, but with my community. I thrive on social interactions with educated queer women with similar values. I value community, self-improvement, progressiveness, inclusion, independence, and culture exchange amongst other things. 

When I set off to travel the world in 2012, I left a group of queers whom I consider family behind in Brooklyn. After years of being a digital nomad working around the globe, I slowly started to realize how important it is to have a community. As I moved from country to country – despite still working in the queer world, I could never quite replicate the feeling of belonging that I had back home – which in part, is why I started EveryQueer to begin with. I’d pause for long periods of time in different cities around the world but because of the lack of female representation in queer media and spaces built for us and by us – it was extremely difficult to find our community without inside connections. For many years I felt like I had to choose – see the world – or be an active participant in queer culture. 

We don’t have to choose. We can have both. 

EveryQueer is about building global connections across borders. Through a partnership with OutAdventures, we’re now able to provide the opportunity to connect with like-minded queer women, transgender and nonbinary people while experiencing life in countries around the world. We’re launching our partnership with 7 trips across 5 continents to kick off in 2021. There’s a wide range of opportunities to explore and adventure with queers just like you. Join me on my adventures through Thailand, board a yacht while sailing around the islands of Croatia, summit the tallest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, marvel at the ruins of Macchu Picchu, or scale a glacier in Iceland. Ultimately the choice of adventure is yours but I can guarantee that you’ll make memories and friends that will last the rest of your life. 


Meg TenEyck, Lesbian Travel expert in flower bathtub in Phuket Thailand

For our lesbian Thailand tour, I’ll be hosting our group personally. Things kick off in bustling Bangkok where we’ll tuk-tuk the hectic streets on a sumptuous street food tour. We’ll visit the Royal Palace, flower market, reclining Buddha, and a local lesbian hotspot. Then it’s off to northern Chiang Mai where we’ll visit a respected elephant sanctuary, shop the fragrant night market, and learn to wield a wok at a fiery Thai cooking class. To round out our adventure, we’ll belly-flop into Thailand’s two coastal capitals: quiet Krabi and, not-so-quiet Phuket. Optional activities in both regions include sea kayaking, jungle trekking, and a night of beer and bad decisions.


Young lesbian traveler sitting on the Obradeiro square

Join a group of adventurous queer women as we adventure through the Camino de Santiago hike. This trip isn’t for the faint of heart as we begin in Madrid before winding its way through the country’s green northern oasis, Galacia. Together with our partners from Out Adventures, you’ll follow “The Way of Saint James” along the historic pilgrimages’ final 100km leg, through eucalyptus forests and quaint Spanish villages. The adventure ends in Plaza de Obradoiro, where the grandeur of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela awaits. Expect delicious regional fare, robust Spanish wines, and cheeses.  By tour’s end, you’ll have tested your stamina, made a few friends, and earned your very own Pilgrim’s Compostela—an official document verifying you’ve successfully completed the Camino. Felicidades!


Lesbian Holiday Traveler in Iceland looking out to the ocean

Anchors Up! Our favs over at Out Adventures are taking  34 queer women on a Croatian lesbian cruise, led by one of the country’s most experienced female guides. This is your chance to explore coastlines, parks, medieval towns, and the balmy blue waters of the Adriatic Sea from the comfort of a female-owned and operated private yacht. Yes, I said private yacht. You’ll get to experience the Azure Adriatic and Dalmatia Coast via a yacht of queer women travelers. You’ll also visit businesses owned and run by women, get top-notch tips from a passionate local guide, and be pampered by a Lesbian Brand Ambassador from the Out Adventures team.


androgynous queer woman in Peru looking at Machu Picchu

Peru is one of my favorite places I’ve ever explored.  From the depths of the Amazon to the heights of the Andes, Peru is an eye-opening escape tailor-made for queer women. This lesbian tour features women-owned and led experiences throughout the tour. Dine at one of the best restaurants in Lima, discover majestic Machu Picchu, and get to know locals at every turn. Don’t forget to get your alpaca selfie while you’re exploring ancient Inca ruins. It all adds up to a luxurious trip at an easygoing pace with a friendly group of queer women.


queer woman in bright yellow raincoat near the Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland is so nice we’re taking you twice. Join us in the summer months for the athlete’s dream lesbian vacation in Iceland. From cosmopolitan Reykjavík to the pristine countryside, this 8-day adventure will immerse you in everything you could love about the land of Björk. Explore the stunning South Shore, visit an Icelandic Goat farm, meet a female brewmaster, and soak away your worries in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon. For the winter frost lovers, a queer Iceland adventure is the perfect getaway. We’ll be exploring the snowy countryside on a Golden Circle tour with stops at Gullfoss Waterfall and the Great Geysir. We’ll surmount a glacier, stroll the frigid black sand beaches, and throwback pints at the country’s only women-owned brewery. Our tour heats up with a steamy dip in the Blue Lagoon and at a house party hosted by two queens of the local lesbian scene. Perhaps most importantly, this exciting short-haul includes a chance to check out The Northern Lights—one of travel’s great treats.

For more information on our individual trips, check out our itineraries and shoot me a message with any of your questions. I’m always here as a resource. 



Travel With a Rad Group of Queers

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Six Queer Travel Destinations – Purple Roofs

rainbow flag - pixabay

rainbow flag - pixabay

Now that more countries are opening back up for travel and fun, it is time to start planning your next vacation. There is no shortage of amazing queer travel destinations, all packed with a welcoming vibe and loads of exciting activities to keep you busy during your stay. Here are six of the best queer travel destinations to consider for your adventure.

Explore the Birthplace of a Nation in Boston

As the capital of the first state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage, it is no surprise that Boston is an exceptionally queer-friendly travel location. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the country by traversing the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, featuring 16 historical sites that shaped the character of this nation. Boston also boasts an eclectic dining scene, great shopping opportunities, and charming neighborhoods that are begging to be explored. Bean Town is also known for being the birthplace of GLAD, affirming its spot as a city that is exceptionally friendly to queers.

Set Sail on a Cruise

Hit the high seas on a cruise for the ultimate balance of relaxation and exciting outdoor recreational opportunities. One of the best things about a cruise is that you can choose your itinerary and duration to fit your specific needs and preferences. For example, a Mediterranean cruise is perfect for those travelers who want to experience some of the most historically significant sites on the planet while also soaking up the warm sun any time of the year. Many cruise lines also offer specific sailings dedicated to the queer crowd, making it easy for you to connect with like-minded travelers and meet new friends.

Adventure of a Lifetime in Cape Town, South Africa

If you want something truly exotic, consider a trip to Cape Town, South Africa. This multicultural destination is a favorite for the queer population. The high-energy nightclubs, diverse cuisine, and stunning arts and cultural scene make this city a winner. This cosmopolitan city is the second-largest metropolitan area in Africa. Cape Town is also one of the best cities in the world to partake in Pride Week events, offering a variety of parades and festivals. After you have had enough of the city vibe, you can escape to the savannah for an African safari. There is nothing quite like Cape Town.

Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Melting Pot of Miami

You will not be disappointed in a trip to the gem of South Florida. Miami’s famous gay scene makes it a natural choice for your next queer-friendly vacation. Relax on South Beach during the day and then head to the sizzling nightclubs that line Collins Avenue at night. The city even boasts its own gay beach. Be sure to leave time to indulge in the authentic Cuban food and fresh seafood.

Soak Up the Sun and the Surf in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This Mexican seaside resort town boasts stunning beaches, a lively nightlife scene, and color around every corner. Located along the Pacific Coast, you will enjoy endless sunshine and a host of outdoor recreational opportunities. Puerto Vallarta is distinguished as being one of the most gay-friendly resort towns in the world. The city has won multiple awards for its status as being a destination that is incredibly welcoming to the queer population. You will find accommodations in a variety of price points, making it easy to find a place to fit your budget and your personal tastes.

Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

No list of queer travel destinations is complete without mentioning San Francisco. This iconic city by the bay proudly boasts its status as America’s first gay headquarters. Take a spin on a trolley car, shop the stores along Fisherman’s Wharf, and nosh on clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls. For the ultimate queer experience, make your headquarters the famed Castro District. Here you will find the legendary Castro Theatre, regularly featuring shows that cater to a gay and queer audience. You will never feel more affirmed than when visiting San Francisco.

Stoke the fires of your wanderlust by choosing one of these six fabulous travel destinations. You owe it to yourself to choose a destination that will allow you to embrace and celebrate your queerness.

Gay Bali, Indonesia Travel & Hotels – wolfyy

gay bali

gay bali

Bali is a classic gay travel destination in Southeast Asia. You might be aware that Indonesia is not the most gay-friendly country, however Bali is quite the exception! The island has a special religious openness that has allowed them to welcome millions of gay tourists over the years.

Why Do Gay Men Love Bali?

Many gay holiday destinations attract travelers for specific reasons. Some examples are a vibrant gay culture, gay neighborhoods, popular gay beaches or exciting gay nightlife. Bali is unique in that this little slice of paradise offers tranquility for LGBTQ people, especially in a relatively inexpensive and gay-friendly atmosphere.

Gay travelers don’t tend to have huge dance parties or nude beaches in mind for their gay Bali experiences. There aren’t necessarily giant gay meetups. Instead, gay tourists seek private, luxurious accommodations and experiences, comfortable with the notion that other gay travelers will be nearby. This affords the a peaceful LGBTQ travel experience, obviously in addition to the lush tropical landscapes and friendly locals.

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Where to Stay in Bali

Bali is a large island, and the southern half is quite heavily treaded. While you can find secluded enclaves all over, there are some general trends to keep in mind before you set out on your gay Bali adventure.

The airport is in the south in Denpasar. Staying in the south part of the island is easiest in terms of quick transport to your hotel. This is best if you’re short on time. A couple hours north is the famous town of Ubud, which is more peaceful. However with Bali’s exploding popularity, Ubud is also quite busy. In the very north of the island, you’ll find increasing numbers of truly secluded places to stay. This is to be expected however, since it takes quite a long time to reach there by car!

Options for Bali hotels, resorts and home stays are truly endless. Whether you’re looking for a tropical forest bungalow or a standard five star hotel, you’ll certainly have plenty to choose from. I’ll let you know about some of my favorite spots in the full wolfyy travel guide!

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