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DC Pride anthology to introduce trans superhero to the comics universe

DC Comics Pride anthology

The DC Comics Pride anthology will be released on 8 June. (DC Comics)

DC Comics will be releasing a huge queer anthology this summer in celebration of Pride, and introducing trans superhero Dreamer into the DC universe.

Announced on Thursday (11 March), DC Pride #1 will feature queer characters from across the DC Comics universe, and will also spotlight LGBT+ artists and writers.

The 80-page anthology, to be released on 8 June, will celebrate queer favourites like Batwoman, couple Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, Midnighter and the non-binary version of the Flash from Earth-11, a world where the heroes are gender-flipped versions of the heroes of the traditional DC Earth.

It will also feature Alan Scott, DC Comics’ original Green Lantern, Aqualad, Renee Montoya and Pied Piper.

DC Pride #1
DC Pride #1 will feature queer characters from across the DC Comics universe. (DC Comics)

But one of the most exciting elements of the anthology will be the introduction of trans superhero Dreamer into the comics universe for the very first time.

The CW superhero show Supergirl saw the addition of trans superhero Dreamer, after trans actor Nicole Maines joined the show in late 2018 as the Dreamer’s alter ego Nia Nal.

Maines will write Dreamer’s story herself for the anthology, alongside art by queer artist Rachel Stott.

DC Pride #1 Pride variant cover by Jen Bartel. (DC Comics)

As well as the Pride anthology, the publisher also announced an eight-issue miniseries written by Mariko Tamaki titled Crush & Lobo, featuring bounty hunter Lobo and his lesbian daughter Crush.

The first issue of Crush & Lobo will be published on 1 June, and the synopsis reads: “Crush, daughter of the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo, is in full-on self-destruct mode!

“After rage-quitting the Teen Titans and blowing up her relationship with her girlfriend Katie, Crush decides it’s time to finally confront her father in space jail and get her baggage sorted before she wrecks everything. Like father, like daughter?”

Superman #32 Pride variant cover by David Talaski. (DC Comics)

DC Comics will also release a series of Pride-themed variant covers throughout the month of June, giving characters like Batman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Superman and Wonder Woman a rainbow makeover.


Steven Universe returns with powerful message for kids about racism

Steven Universe

Cartoon Network enlisted the Steven Universe character to teach children about anti-racism (Cartoon Network/YouTube)

Steven Universe may have left our screens but Garnet’s still on hand to remind kids about flexibility, love and trust.

Cartoon Network enlisted Rebecca Sugar’s most authoritative Crystal Gem for a series of children’s anti-racism PSAs broadcast online and on TV.

The first short, titled “Don’t Deny It, Defy It,” debuted Tuesday on the new website Crystal Gems Speak Up, which also offers links to social justice organisations and additional resources.

The video shows two boys playing happily in a playground. In a casual nod to LGBT+ representation, one says to the other: “Hey, when we’re older let’s get married!”

A third child then appears between them and laughs at the boys. “You can’t get married,” she says mockingly. “Black people can’t marry white people!”

This is where Garnet steps in with a very important message: “Kids! Don’t be racist.”

The lesson doesn’t stop there, though: the PSA continues by exploring racism and explaining its impact in terms that are simple enough for even very young children to understand.

When one of the characters expresses skepticism that racist incidents actually happen “in real life”, the others explain that just because some people don’t experience racism doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

“Everyone messes up sometimes, but you gotta realise it hurts to deal with racism, and when people act like it’s not real, it makes it even worse,” one boy tells another.

“You have to acknowledge racism to work against it,” reminds Garnet, voiced by Estelle. “You kids better work on this before the wedding,” she then adds with a wink, another subtle touch normalising LGBT+ relationships.

The characters of Steven Universe are no strangers to the world of PSAs – the show had previously partnered with Dove to promote body positivity and anti-bullying.

The heartwarming cartoon concluded its run earlier this year, having been hailed by fans and critics for its sensitive LGBT-inclusive storytelling and positive role modelling for children.