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Mike Pence plans to flee country after Biden certifying vote, insiders say / Queerty

Mike Pence plans to flee country after Biden certifying vote,

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

That’s exactly what Mike Pence plans to do after Congress certifies President-elect Joe Biden’s win on January 6.

According to multiple sources, the one-term vice president will immediately depart on an extended “foreign trip” after he fulfills his constitutional duty of confirming the election’s winner.

Three U.S. officials tell Politico that Pence is planning to be gone for at least a week, possibly longer.

Pence’s aides are keeping tight-lipped about the whole thing, but Politico managed to get a copy of at least a partial itinerary that shows the outgoing veep traveling to Israel, followed by Poland, with the possibility of more stops being added in the coming weeks.

Considering that Donald Trump still refuses to concede the race and, according to CNN, has told advisors he might refuse to leave the White House on January 20, Pence having to officially acknowledge Biden as the winner is most definitely going to cause some hard feelings inside the Oval Office.

“I suspect the timing is anything but coincidental,” an insider tells Politico. “By no means is this going to be an easy moment for the vice president or president to stomach.

The trip will mark the second time since Trump’s historic loss that Pence hightailed it outta Washington, D.C. to avoid his boss’ ire and/or cash in his PTO before he’s out of a job next month.

Almost immediately after the election was called for Biden in November, Pence and his wife, Mother, jetted off to Florida for a five-day, post-election vacation getaway on Sanibel Island.

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Vote Like Your Family Depends on It – Because It Does

Vote Like Your Family Depends on It - Because It

This election could be more consequential for LGBTQ families—and for the future of our country in general—than any other in history. Go vote if you haven’t; help someone else get to the polls if you can. Here are a few tips.

Vote for our Families

Key Info

Helpful Tips

  • Wear a mask and follow social distancing rules. Use hand sanitizer before and after you vote. See also these voting safety tips from CNN.
  • Plan to wait in line. Dress for the weather since you may be outdoors. Bring food and water if you think you’ll need it.
  • Review what’s on your ballot ahead of time to minimize time at the polling place.
  • Make sure to vote all the way down the ballot, not just for the president.
  • Help a relative, friend, or neighbor find where to vote and what to bring. Offer to drive them if you can and you feel it’s safe (i.e., you’ve both been social distancing, will wear masks, and show no signs of COVID-19).
  • Note that several ride services (like Lyft and Uber) are offering free or discounted rides to get to the polls today.
  • Leave the kids at home if you can (unless they’re of voting age and voting, too). Any other year, I’d say bring them along to show them what participatory democracy looks like. This year, because of the pandemic and expected long lines, it’s probably best not to, unless you have no other choice (in which case make sure to bring some books or toys to amuse them in line).

Vote for our families, our country, and the world we want to see. Our work won’t end after the election, no matter the results, but let’s see if we can get things headed in a better direction.

Trixie Mattel, the cast of ‘Ratched,’ queer out the vote, and more! / Queerty

Trixie Mattel, the cast of ‘Ratched,’ queer out the vote,

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Why are you voting?

We asked 47 of our friends, including BenDelaCreme, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Tom Lenk, Nico Tortorella, Blossom C. Brown, James Bland, Kit Williamson, and Scott Evans why they are voting this year and here are their 47 answers. Watch, and remember to vote by November 3rd!


Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Paulson, and Sharon Stone

It takes a lot for us to get star struck. But these three ladies together almost blew our mind. Of course, they need little introduction. Sarah Paulson became a major star with American Horror Story, and went on to win an Emmy for her work in American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. Cynthia Nixon became an icon with her work on Sex in the City, for which she took home an Emmy of her own. She also ran for Governor of New York in 2018. Sharon Stone, long considered one of the sexiest women in Hollywood history, became a star through films including Basic Instinct, Sliver, and her Oscar-nominated turn in Casino. In other words, we have The Supreme, a Very Capable Lesbian and the woman we try to imitate every time we get a date (see also: Basic Instinct). It’s a lot to process.

That’s Our Sally

We hope when Broadway comes back it involves a whole lot more of Trixie Mattel and Adrian Anchondo. My, but it’s warm in here!


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Queer men buck voting Democrat as nearly half vow to vote Donald Trump

Queer men buck voting Democrat as nearly half vow to

Donald Trump holds an LGBT+ Pride flag given to him by supporter. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

As much as a widening gulf has yawned between LGBT+ voters and US president Donald Trump over the years, apparently launching an array of anti-queer policies and, overall, not caring about queer people is enough to get them to vote for you.

A survey of around 1,200 queer male Americans found that around 45 per cent – around 540 – plan to vote for Trump.

Oh, no.

As much as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has netted an, albeit, slim majority of the queer male vote, securing 51 per cent, it signalled to pollsters how the president’s brand of bullish showmanship has roiled the political landscape.

Queer men have always voted reliably Democratic. Until now.

Indeed, the LGBT+ voting bloc has long been reliably Democratic. The poll conducted by queer dating app Hornet found that, overall among its users, around 66 per cent prefer Biden while 34 per cent support Trump.

But for queer Americans, pollsters said, the statistics were far tighter together. Just less than half of queer men said they do not support Trump, and a slither of just 11 per cent said they generally disagree with his stances.

Only 10 per cent emphatically said they do not support him “at all” and would not vote for him regardless.

Nine per cent were more conflicted, the poll found, in that they agreed with some but not all of his views. Only 27 per cent of respondents mostly or fully supported Trump.

Mapping out support for Trump, the poll found that across Hornet’s global 10,000 users, queer men on almost every continent other than Africa supported Biden more than Trump, across a spawning margin of 54 to 25 per cent.

In terms of countries, only two surveyed supported Trump over Biden, being Taiwan (51 per cent supporting him) and Russia, where nearly six in 10 supported Trump.

Donald Trump is billed as a pro-LGBT+ president, but queer people beg to disagree. 

Trump and his campaign team have increasingly looked towards LGBT+ people as a way to buttress support amid the president’s cratering polls.

Among some of the Republican’s core voting blocs, such as white evangelicals, many do at least generally support LGBT+ rights, according to a 2019 survey.

But the president’s track record has seen him harshly erode many pre-existing LGBT+ rights. Trans rights, in particular, have been taken to with a buzz saw by the Trump administration, across countless federal departments and programs – defence, housing, health and education.

Moreover, during many of this year’s victories in the arena of LGBT+ rights as well as years’ worth of Pride months, Trump has remained silent or vastly indifferent.

And when the president has been pressed about certain LGBT+ issues, such as the federal blood ban on queer men as well as his own campaign for the global decriminalisation of homosexuality, he has been utterly clueless.

Biden wants and needs our vote

Biden wants and needs our vote

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s campaign launched a get out the vote initiative geared toward LGBTQ voters, an initiative that was announced as Pride Month is under way. 

The campaign said the program, known as Out for Biden, is being led by a steering committee that includes Human Rights Campaign president Alphonso David, Rep. Sharice Davids (D-Kan.), along with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), the first openly gay member of the Senate. 

Biden’s LGBTQ Vote Director Reggie Greer invoked the recent nationwide discussion on race in a statement announcing the launch of the initiative, saying the program would work to involve LGBTQ voters of color. 

“Our campaign’s decision to launch Out for Biden in the shadow of historic protest elevates the power of the moment and encourages deep — and sometimes difficult — dialogue within our LGBTQ+ community as Pride month begins,” Greer said.  “LGBTQ+ people of color are central to the fabric of our communities. We must elect a government that will center their voices and celebrate the contributions of LGBTQ+ people everywhere.”

via The Hill