Back in 2012 I started a series of posts that I intended to update once a year. An Autumn walk recorded to see the changes as M grows. Last year our autumn walk passed without a post. Because lots of change has happened in our house over the last year.

All good change, but change that effects our blog and what we share moving forward. This year C qualified as a Secondary School teacher. Something we are all so proud of. But it also comes with restrictions on what we can share as a family on the blog. Plus our little man is changing in personality and is very independent, making decisions on which things I can write about. But luckily this year, we went on an Autumn walk, one they let me document, to have to look back on in future years, and for comparison if they let me write about future ones.

Autumn walk woods 2020
Biking in the woods 2020

We wanted to head somewhere nice for our walk, but worried some places would be closed or too busy to visit during lockdown. Luckily Moors Valley was open and as we planned to head in to the woods, we knew we would be well distanced from everyone else.

Autumn Walk 2020
Among the trees autumn walk 2020

The little dude wanted to take his bike, which was a bit of a win, as it meant no tired legs during our walk. It also meant he got to whizz down hill at every opportunity. It was really nice to be out in the woods, we could always feel a bit of normality. Since the first lockdown we haven’t really ventured far, so it felt good to be exploring the woods on our own mini adventure.

Walking Autumn 2020
Woodlands in Autumn 2020
Climbing Autumn Walk 2020
Autumn Walk Beau 2020

Our walk took us through the middle of the woods, towards the lookdown, a structure that lets you stand up above the trees. Looking out over the trees, it was easy to pretend we were the only ones in the forest. Until two little chaps started talking to me about Gruffalos, Jammie Dodgers and ham sandwiches. The structure has a couple of picnic tables and seated at one was a couple of friends with two boys of about 4. They were friendly little guys and held a conversation with me from a responsible distance. It was a very sweet moment.

View of the woods Autumn walk 2020
Autumn walk 2020 Beau and Mama
Woods Autumn walk 2020

We all agreed that the walk was certainly needed and we were going to make more of an effort to head into the woods for our walks. Since my scouting stopped due to the lockdowns, I have really missed enjoying time in the woods. It was nice to see M picking up branches and running around the trees.

Mama and M autumn walk 2020
Beau and his boy Autumn 2020

This year has certainly been an odd one and we are so grateful to be safe and well. With a vaccine on the horizon we are hopeful that we will soon be back to scouting and all the things we love. We are also thankful for all those on the front line keeping us safe and those educating our children.

Stay safe and wear a mask!