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White House website now asks users for their pronouns

The White House, lit in the rainbow flag.

The White House lit with the Pride flag. (Getty Images/Molly Riley)

For the first time in history, the White House website is asking visitors for their pronouns and offering gender-neutral options to choose from.

President Joe Biden wasted absolutely no time in making his pro-trans stance clear, with the website updated mere hours after his inauguration.

The simple yet monumentally meaningful detail was noticed by the LGBT+ advocacy group GLAAD, which happily shared an image of the White House contact page on Twitter.

Those contacting the White House can now select from a range of pronoun options or alternately indicate that they’d rather not share their pronouns if they wish.

They can also choose the gender-neutral prefix “Mx”, which is listed alongside “Mr,” “Mrs” and “Ms”.

The simple act spoke magnitudes after Trump’s sustained attacks on the LGBT+ community over the past four years, and Twitter users were delighted to see it.


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