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Spread the word! : actuallesbians

Spread the word! : actuallesbians

A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We’re not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

What We Know About The L Word Generation Q Season 2

What We Know About The L Word Generation Q Season

We don’t know The L Word: Generation Q Season 2’s release date or when we can expect a trailer to roll up the driveway into the center of our collective lives on this planet, but we do know some things about what to expect from The L Word Generation Q Season Two. Not a LOT of things, but some things. Certainly more than other websites that have published similar posts that are somehow scoring higher than us on SEO, I think. This post will be updated as new information surfaces for us to feast upon.

Filming Is Happening Now

The L Word Generation Q Season 2 started filming in December and is set to wrap in May. Season One cast members Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Rosanny Zayas, Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, Jamie Clayton, Sepideh Moafi, Jordan Hull and Jillian Mercado have all posted or appeared in pictures from the set.

Rosie O’Donnell is playing Tina’s fiancée, Carrie

In December, it was announced that O’Donnell will be playing Carrie, “a kindhearted public defender who is thrust into Bette’s life and quickly gets under her skin” on Season 2 of The L Word Generation Q. O’Donnell has since taken pictures and posted TikToks from the set of the show. Eagle ears recognized that “Carrie” was the name of Tina Kennard’s fiancee. Rosie returned home in mid-February, so her run is probably just a few episodes. Jennifer Beals has tagged photos of herself and Rosie as #bettesworstnightmare.

Angie Porter-Kennard Might Be Meeting Her ?!Half-Sister?!

According to IMDB, Brook’Lynn Sanders, a teenage actress, has acquired the recurring co-star role of “Kayla Allenwood” in The L Word Generation Q Season 2. People who know too much about The L Word will recognize “Allenwood” as the last name of Marcus Allenwood, the artist who gave his sperm to Bette and Tina so that they could make a baby. Also, Angie is a series regular now so there will be so much more of her in general!

Donald Faison Will Play Tom, Alice’s Book Editor?

The Scrubs star will be appearing as a successful and funny book editor who is working with Alice on something. Perhaps that something… is a book?

Alice Has a (New?) (Old?) Show Called “The Chart”

ID 8: A poster from Alice’s talk show set. The Statue of Liberty is shown with her dress showing her left nipple over a green background. The text at the top reads “The Chart” in cream letters. Underneath it says, “Strap in, Strap on” in orange. In the middle, it says, “Passing the Bechdel test every time” in white. At the bottom right it says, “All episodes streaming now.” And underneath, there are logos for where to stream Alice’s show (within the world of Gen Q).⁣

via Leo Sheng on Instgram

Leo Sheng recently did a “Season 2 Photodump” and one of the pictures featured what is described as “a poster from Alice’s talk show set” with “logos for where to stream Alice’s show (within the world of Gen Q).” “The Chart” was, of course, the name of Alice’s truly terrible KCRW radio show from Seasons 2 + 3 of the original series in which she basically told everybody in Los Angeles about the sexual liaisons of all of her closest friends, and then was sad about Dana for a long time. Anyhow! Will The Chart be a podcast or a TV show? Do people call podcasts “streaming”? But also, the headphones on the boob statue? Wow, so many possibilities here.

Cops and Detectives Will Be Present

There seems to be a few characters described as cops or detectives and none of them are named Tasha Williams. If this is about Bette defending Angie from that guy trying to attack her on the stairs after the play then I swear to G-d I will scream into every throw pillow in the Los Angeles metro area. (With a mask on.)

Tina is Back

Tina’s fiancee Carrie being part of the show is a pretty solid hint that Tina’s returning to our lives and so are the photos of her on set and in table reads!

Bette’s Returning to the Art World

Griffin Dunne (I Love Dick, Girls) is set to guest star as Isaac, a big international art dealer who builds a relationship with Bette. There is also a recurring role described as a sophisticated Black female artist whose progressive and well-established work addresses racism. Furthermore there are a few other art-related characters already slated to exist, including a few artists, another recurring male international art dealer, an art assistant and an “art enthusiast.”

Carolina Gutierrez plays Marissa

We do not know anything about this character besides that she is listed as appearing in at least three episodes — starting with the first episode. She is probably not the same Marissa who was Shane’s assistant at Wax. But if she is, she should clean up that milkshake.

Shane and Tess Will Have “Complicated Dynamic” in The L Word Generation Q Season 2

On the PANTS podcast, Kate Moennig was like, working with Jamie is “reminiscent of the original show” and also all of Jamie’s scenes are with Kate and also their characters have a “complicated dynamic” in which they “challenge each other.” “We’re definitely like an It’s Complicated,” said Jamie. “It’s Complicated, totally, Facebook Status 100%,” Kate said. “It’s complicated. Are we giving anything away? I don’t think so.”

Dani and Gigi Look Great … Together?

Watch this spot for more updates as we obtain them!


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Can one of the best gay movies ever not even utter the word “gay?” / Queerty

Can one of the best gay movies ever not even

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a re-watch.

The Opus: X-Men Days of Future Past

Maybe it’s our sadness over the conclusion of WandaVision, but this weekend has us craving some serious mutant action. Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe started raking in the bucks, 2000s X-Men proved that comic book properties had a built-in audience, and could attract big-name talent, make subtle commentary on social issues facing society, and have a degree of verisimilitude that would make even an absurd premise as super-powered mutants seem plausible. The very uneven catalog of X-films that followed hit an epic peak in 2014 with the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film that combined the casts of all the prior movies into one mammoth story.

In the distant future, the world has become an apocalyptic wasteland thanks to mutant persecution by giant killer robots called Sentinels. The few surviving X-Men–led by Magneto (Ian McKellen) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart)–devise a plan to send Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman, jacked as ever) mind back in time to the 1970s. There, he must unite the younger versions of Magneto and Professor X (Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy, respectively) to prevent the rogue mutant Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) from assassinating a prominent scientist. Should Wolverine succeed, he can prevent the Sentinel wars of the future, and save all mutantkind.

Days of Future Past has one Hell of a cast roster which, in addition to the aforementioned, includes Elliot Page, Halle Berry, Nicolas Hoult, Peter Dinklage, Evan Peters, Omar Sy and Anna Paquin. Beyond that, as with the best of the X-movies, the film also works as a queer metaphor: the wisdom passed on by the Wolverine/Older Xavier/Older Magneto team to a younger generation in hopes of preventing a genocide feels a lot like the survivors of AIDS and systemic homophobia warning an emerging LGBTQ generation not to be complacent, lest they suffer the same fate. The movie features a number of prominent queer actors (including McKellen, Page and Paquin), and the shape-shifting powers of Mystique feel like a literal representation of gender and sexual fluidity.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention the film comes from gay director Bryan Singer, a man known as much for his personal scandals as his movies. As with any number of other figures “canceled” for their transgressions (Kevin Spacey, Woody Allen, Roseanne Barr, Brett Ratner, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein), Singer may never work again. That does not, however, negate his creative accomplishments here. While it’s possible to interpret elements of Days of Future Past as reflecting Singer’s personal woes (Professor X’s drug habit is the most obvious), the movie does not try to normalize any kind of sexual exploitation. Contrast that with the work of Woody Allen, who constantly tries to normalize the sexual relations of older men with barely legal or under-age girls in his films. In other words, Days of Future Past does not have any kind of ulterior motive buried in its plot, nor does it constantly remind viewers of Singer’s alleged sexual assaults.

In sum, then, Singer may be a vile person, but that doesn’t make Days of Future Past a vile film, nor does it negate the outstanding work of the other cast and crew that helped make the film a success. Epic, thrilling, and teeming with queer allegory, we suggest giving it a watch to aid with the WandaVision withdrawal, and as the most successful use of the X-Men on the big screen to date.

Note: Days of Future Past exists in two versions, one from its theatrical release, and a longer version known as the “Rogue Cut” which reinserts several deleted subplots. Watch the Rogue Cut; it is the better, more satisfying complete version of the film.

Streams on Disney+, YouTube, Hulu & iTunes.

“The L Word: Gen Q” Is Really Coming Back! BTS Photos!

"The L Word: Gen Q" Is Really Coming Back! BTS

Hello all! Welcome back to No Filter, the place where I aggregate all the best Celesbian (Yes, I have decided that’s a proper noun) Instagram content for your eyes!

I don’t know why this photo of Kristen Kish and James Van Der Beek has sent to me higher plane of consciousness but it has?

*mumbling to myself* You are not the fourth in this relationship You are not the fourth in this relationship You are not the fourth in this relationship You are not the fourth in this relationship You are not the fourth in this relationship You are…

I like love? I like celebrating love?

I cannot express to you the mid aughts black girl excellence that this photo is, but what I can tell you is that I am SIMPLY vibrating out of chair in joy.

I too, would like to thank Dior for this look.

Well I am glad to see this, personally!

L Word: Generation Q is really coming back! We did not dream it! (I don’t think?)

Quinn is always like “hey, here are some vibes, you dig?” and you know what? I do!

Oh, to be the floor that Janet Mock is lying on.

I will be needing Nat’s (jump?)suit in every color, thanks!

Don’t worry, the Betts are still covered in glitter and sunshine!

Let’s wrap up this week with a glowing Hayley, that feels like the right note to end on.

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Pop Culture Fix: Bette and Tina are Back at it in “The L Word: Generation Q” Season 2 Table Read

Pop Culture Fix: Bette and Tina are Back at it

Someone dropped a bag of popcorn(?) on the sidewalk in front of my house last night, and an army of pigeons has descended upon it, and my cat Dobby is going BERSERK at the window. He’s never seen so many birds in his entire life, and they’re getting a treat he’s not getting, and, friend, he’s screaming about all of it. His constant chirping and hollering honestly sounds like the inside of my brain as I keep one eye on the impeachment hearings and type up this Pop Culture Fix with my other eye.

+ Rosie posted an Insta story from a table read for season two of The L Word: Generation Q, and the main thing the internet is noting is that Tina’s back. It’s actually kind of amazing that three hundred years after the original L Word, our TV Team still has so many feelings — good and bad — about these two! They still punch my heart in the neck!

+ The full trailer for season three of grown-ish is here.

+ Meet Batwoman season 2 big bad Safiyah in new first look. Also! Batwoman boss confirms Black Mask is season 2’s other big bad.

+ Why Batwoman didn’t recast Ruby Rose’s role.

+ Miss Honey is the original cottagecore lesbian.

+ Stop doomscrolling and watch the Fran Lebowitz documentary on Netflix.

+ Netflix’s first inclusion report confesses there’s a lot to be done in terms of diversity at the streaming platform, especially with Latinx folks. You know what would have made a huge difference in these numbers? ONE DAY AT A TIME.

+ Lilly Singh returns to remind us, when it comes to Trump’s coup, it’s the white supremacy, stupid.

+ Here’s your first look at Tig Notaro in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead.

+ Lesbian film Frozen 2 was the most streamed movie of 2020.

+ This is the weirdest headline! Of course they ran away! Ellen DeGeneres Learned of COVID Diagnosis on ‘Ellen’ Set: ‘Everyone Around Me Ran Away’

+ This is a really interesting read: In favor of the queer mediocrity of Ammonite.

Heather Hogan

Heather Hogan is an Autostraddle senior writer who lives in New York City with her partner, Stacy, and their cackle of rescued pets. She’s a member of the Television Critics Association, the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer critic. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Heather has written 1079 articles for us.

B4B Butch is Not a Dirty Word (Flutter App Review) : butchlesbians

B4B Butch is Not a Dirty Word (Flutter App Review)

Hey butches and those looking to meet them, I tried out that Butch is Not a Dirty Word online dating event. The app that hosted it is called Flutter, and they make an attempt to have it feel organic, like you’re scoping the room at an in-person event looking for cool people to approach. Events take place at a certain time of day. When the event first opens, you’ll only be able to look at profiles and swipe. After a certain amount of time, chatting opens and you can talk to people but at midnight all your matches disappear, to encourage you to move conversations off the app.

Neat setup, right? Here’s how it broke down:

Profile detail: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❌

I don’t think I saw anyone who straight up did not have a bio. Hallelujah! You can select up to three prompts to respond to (I liked the prompts!) but the character limits are pretty strict and I felt like I had to leave out important stuff. Other than the fact that this app may not be for me because I tend to get wordy, I like people to know upfront that I’d prefer to have more than one life partner. There wasn’t an option to indicate polyamory or other potential dealbreakers, just the three prompts. Maybe I’m just spoiled from Lex, but it also didn’t seem like you could write very much?

Queer inclusiveness: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❌❌

How do you have a butch-focused anything in 2020 without a quality nonbinary option? Not sure, but Flutter did it. The initial gender options are men, women, and other. I clicked other, it then prompted me to select man or woman after. (That part is pretty common for apps, so they know whether to show you to someone seeking men or seeking women.) So I went with woman, because I’m woman-adjacent/part-time girl/whatever. However, my profile didn’t show “other/woman,” or “other,” or even a space to write in “none gender with left sapphic.” It just showed “woman” which was kind of icky, but the field where you type your name allows parentheses and slashes so I and a few others that I saw put (they/them) behind our names.

Dating pool: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❌

The other events are pretty concentrated to major cities, so if you live in NYC this might be great. Otherwise, people were pretty spread out – I saw some from Canada and I’m in the US – which might be an issue for some of you. I’m trying to leave my current town for grad school anyway so I didn’t care much, but if you’re looking to find someone local, this app may not work for you unless you’re in NYC. I didn’t see any straight girls looking for friends or lesbian-fetish het dudes, so maybe they haven’t invaded WLW Flutter yet. But I did get messaged first a few times, right at 7PM Central when chatting opened. Also, butches hot.

Filters: 🏳️‍🌈❌❌❌❌

The only two I was able to find were age range and the gender you’re seeking. And I only figured out how to get to those because the page prompted me to loosen my filters after I went through the whole stack :/ (more points off from UI). It allows you to list your occupation, but you can’t filter profiles by it, nor for location, faith, smoking status, type of relationship, or other criteria.

User Interface: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈❌❌❌

The timed events idea is intriguing, and since everyone was on at once I tended to get responses fairly quickly. Whenever I tried to add a sixth picture it would delete the fifth one and trying to drag them into the right order was kind of buggy too. But you could just scroll down to see the profile, you didn’t have to pull it up in a new window or press and hold or anything, which is nice. But how do you find the filters? Before the event, the homepage had an “expired matches” section, but afterwards it disappeared?


If you’re in a major US city, you might have TONS of events (I saw one for ex-Mormons, NYC law students, etc). This might also be a good app for you if you keep forgetting to check your phone, want a break from always messaging first, or if you’re constantly on apps and want to tone it down to just one night a week. Your photos have to do a lot of the work of representing you since that character limit is so tight, so make sure you have some action shots of you baking/playing with your dog/rock climbing/etc. I might check in again if they hold another butch-focused event but overall, it didn’t quite work for me.

Democrat claims calling Trump homophobic is ‘as offensive as the n word’

Democrat claims calling Trump homophobic is ‘as offensive as the

Donald Trump holds an LGBT+ Pride flag given to him by supporter. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

An “old-fashioned Democrat” has claimed that calling Donald Trump homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic or racist is “as offensive as the n word”.

In a letter to the editor of Southern Maryland News, the “old-fashioned ‘America first’ Democrat” wrote that they were “offended by opponents of the president wanting the economy of our country to fail for political advantage”.

They continued: “I am disappointed in the media giving celebrities a platform to constantly accuse the president of being a misogynist or homophobic or xenophobic or racist person; to exacerbate the hatred and division in our great country, I am finding the use of those words as offensive as the n word.

“I dislike my Democratic leaders hatred of the president and their apparent support of these spiteful individuals.

“Our media even suggests that the president’s use of ‘Chinese virus’ is xenophobic while the Chinese government’s state propaganda is blaming the USA as the cause of the Wuhan coronavirus. During WWII that would be treason.”

They did not leave their name, but simply signed off: “God bless America.”

However, calling Trump homophobic is not exactly a stretch, as the US leader has consistently worked to dismantle LGBT+ rights throughout his presidency.

The Trump administration has banned transgender people from serving in the military, actively supported discrimination against LGBT+ people in employment, services and healthcare and erased LGBT+ resources, data and language from government websites.

Last month, Trump’s Republican Party announced that it would be leaving its 2016 party platform unchanged, meaning that the GOP will continue to officially support the reversal of marriage equality.

On June 12, the fourth anniversary of the Pulse massacre, the Trump administration cruelly erased precious healthcare protections for trans patients.

The White House also failed to officially recognise Pride Month for yet another year, in contrast to the Obama administration.

While Joe Biden’s comprehensive LGBT+ policy plan has won him plaudits from campaigners, Trump’s re-election campaign has published no policies whatsoever on LGBT+ issues – though he is raising funds by selling rainbow ‘Make America Great Again’ t-shirts.