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Hoping I can post my own fanart on this page…. anyway, She-ra has made such an impact on me. I grew up in a world where stories never represented me. : actuallesbians

Hoping I can post my own fanart on this page....

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Glittering evidence Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O’Hara might just conquer the world / Queerty

Glittering evidence Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O’Hara

We’re Here

Welcome to the Weekend Binge. Every Friday, we’ll suggest a binge-able title designed to keep you from getting too stir crazy. Check back throughout the weekend for even more gloriously queer entertainment.

The Uplifting: We’re Here

Fans and non-fans of Drag Race take note: though the new HBO series We’re Here features three alumni of the beloved drag competition, do not expect tantrums and epic throwing of shade. We’re Here stars Shangela, Eureka O’Hara and Bob the Drag Queen. Each episode finds the three riding their handbag-shaped RVs to a different conservative city around the country with a singular goal: unite the queer and straight communities by putting on a drag show. For the three queens, that means finding drag protegees to add to the show in each episode. And, as anyone familiar with the work of Bob, Eureka or Shangela will attest: each drag number throbs with energy and joy.

What we didn’t expect, however, was just how poignant and moving We’re Here gets. All three queens experience moments of vulgar homophobia and racism at times, which serves to remind viewers that attitudes towards race and LGBTQ people still vary wildly around the country. Moreover, the stories of family rifts healed through drag performance had us reaching for the tissues. We’re Here reminds us that the great power of the queer community comes from its sense of love and joy, not just fabulousness. The kind of forgiving love on display here is hard to find in any TV series, scripted or reality. That earns a winning recommendation from us. The fabulous handbag RVs are just a bonus.

Streams on HBO Max. 

Guys list their favorite gay saunas around the world (for when covid is over) / Queerty

Guys list their favorite gay saunas around the world (for

Someday (hopefully) soon, quarantine practices will be phased out, and we’ll be free to travel around the world.

On Reddit, users are listing their favorite saunas, prompted by a guy asking for steamy recommendations.

“Maybe you’re like me — deprived of human touch since the pandemic and reminiscing about your past ways,” the original poster wrote, kicking off the conversation. “While gay saunas are not for every guy, I miss going to safe places to meet men and just feel liberated.”

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Here are the saunas commenters recommended, illustrated with Instagram pics geotagged at each location.

The Babylon, Bangkok, Thailand

Der Boiler, Berlin, Germany

Sauna Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Sauna Paraíso, Madrid, Spain

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Sauna Hispalis, Seville, Spain

Sauna Condal, Barcelona

Steamworks, Chicago, USA

We love World Book Day

We love World Book Day

World Book Day has always been a day I have looked back on fondly. I loved dressing up as a child and often got my parents to craft me outfits for my favourite characters as World Book Day approached.

My all time favourite costume was “Burglar Bill” from the fab children’s book ‘Cops & Robbers’. My parents made me a costume from the items I had in my wardrobe and wrote SWAG on an old pillow case. The copper to my robber was one of my Troll dolls and I had a moustache drawn on with an eyeliner pencil.

Back then our supermarkets weren’t full of World Book Day costumes and we didn’t have Pinterest to inspire our costumes. So I am quite impressed my parents managed to make me look reasonably similar to the character I wanted to go as.

Burglar Bill World Book Day

When it came time to send our little dude to his first World Book Day at school it was quite simple. He had a costume for dress up that fit a book he enjoyed reading, so it was as simple as convincing him it was a good idea. He looked adorable and no money was spent. But that was the last year we got away with that.

space world book day

The second World Book Day for our little man was a bit more tricky. He loved lots of different books but didn’t really have a costume that fit any of the characters. So we relied on a supermarket dash and came up with the idea of Zog, as we spotted a dragon costume. The dragon costume ended up being a hit in the dressing up box, right up until he out grew it, so it was a win all round.

Zog world Book Day

The next World Book Day seemed to launch itself at us super fast. Which meant we were totally under-prepared and forced to purchase another costume from the supermarket. Luckily this time we knew exactly what to purchase as M was really into pirate books at the time and we had just the book.

Pirate world book day

This year we started planning M’s costume a few weeks ago. He wanted to be a crocodile, I suggested the crocodile from Peter Pan and we saved toilet rolls and got crocodile textures printed to make our own homemade costume. Then everything changed.

I ended up poorly, spare time got filled and suddenly we were counting down the days. As we did our weekly shop we browsed through the available costumes. M is a big reader now so there was lots to fit books he had read. Yet he chose Harry Potter, a book he is yet to read. But never one to pass up the opportunity to purchase a new book, I got him the costume and the book. Clara and I have both read all the books and loved them. So we promised him we will all work our way through the books with him. I have to admit, he makes a fab little Harry Potter.

Harry World Book Day
Harry smile world book day

Do you love or loathe World Book Day? What are your kids dressing up as on Thursday?