The Aché Project Exhibit –

The Aché Project Exhibit –

Black Lesbian Archives Presents: The Aché Project Exhibit. February 20th – March 28th, 2021! We will be discussing the rich herstory of The Aché Project also how we can bridge connections between each other within and beyond our own communities. Stay tuned! Flyer by Kru Maekdo @maekdoproductions#blacklesbianarchives #aché#exhibition #BLAACHE2021

February 20, 2021: The ACHE Project Virtual Exhibit Opening @ 4PM EST
February 21, 2021: The ACHE Project Panel Discussion @ 4PM EST
February 27, 2021: BLA Mobile Herstory Bus Campaign Presentation @ 4PM EST
March 5, 2021: The Origin of Your ACHE & Yoruba Spirituality Panel Discussion @ 4PM EST
March 13, 2021: The Berlin Years 1984 – 1992 Film Screening @ 1PM EST
March 14, 2021: The Berlin Years 1984 – 1992 Panel Discussion @ 4PM EST
March 20 & (Archival Workshop) 27th: TBA

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All inquiries, press, etc: Pass it along. See you there and thanks for all your support!

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