Tig Nataro: action hero : butchlesbians

Tig Nataro: action hero : butchlesbians

Tig Nataro plays Marianne Peters, ‘a badass helicopter pilot’ in Zack Snyder’s upcoming ‘zombie heist movie, Army of the Dead’.

And she’s talking about the experience in this EW article by James Hibberd:

Nataro came to the role in an unusual fashion. Principal photography on the film had wrapped when Chris D’Elia, the actor who originally played the pilot role, was accused of sexual misconduct (to use the anodyne phrase).

Snyder then asked for Nataro, specifically (ie, no audition) and, when she said yes, she shot all her scenes green-screen so her performance could be digitally plugged in to the existing footage.

I’ve got mixed feelings about Zack Snyder. I get the feeling his heart is mostly in the right place, but his execution just never seems to get it right, at least for me.

That said, he says nothing but good things about Nataro in the above article. And Nataro comes over as having enjoyed both the experience and the role.

Also, the ‘First look’ isn’t just a tease. The article is headed by a great medium-shot of Nataro in full combat gear hanging off a rotor control rod and looking every inch the butch action hero1.




  1. Yes I’m aware this word has both a masculine and feminine form in English. I’m using the masculine form only partly in deference to Nataro’s presentation in the photo.

    Mostly, I’m using it because I’m a fan of the trend in English for abandoning masculine and feminine noun forms for gender-inclusive forms.

    And, yes, it’s not a good thing that the gender-inclusive form is invariably the previously masculine form. But, and speaking as a non-native English speaker and writer who’s primary languages are more deeply gendered than English, I’ll take what I can get on this front. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

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