Watch: New Ad for British Retailer Argos Stars Two-Mom Family

Watch: New Ad for British Retailer Argos Stars Two-Mom Family

A new online ad for British retailer Argos shows a Black two-mom family and their two kids transforming a boring backyard movie night into something special after a home delivery from the company.

“Are you good? Or are you good to go?” asks the ad, part of a series that has been running on social media through the summer. Created by advertising agency The&Partnership, it’s “a fun-filled campaign aiming to inspire viewers with the idea that any day can be turned into a great one with a bit of imagination and Argos’ same day home delivery.”

As PinkNews reports, however, the ad has drawn negative comments from homophobes and racists. I won’t spread them further by reposting any here; they’re the usual drivel from people suddenly upset that they don’t see themselves reflected in every single ad everywhere. Many other people, however, showed their support on social media for the ad and the company. Argos itself stood firm, with a tweet stating simply and clearly, “We’re proud to represent a diverse and inclusive Britain in our advertising.”

Enjoy the ad—and whether you spruce up your backyard from Argos, from another retailer, or just from your own belongings and creativity, may you have as much joy in your socially distant family fun nights as this family does!

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