We did a deep dive into #GaysForTrump so you don’t have to and here’s what we found / Queerty

We did a deep dive into #GaysForTrump so you don’t


This tells us nothing. You didn’t summarize, repeat, speculate, or otherwise report what you found in any other way besides giving these people free views of their bullshit and idiocy. I haven’t explored those hashtags because I don’t want to give them any engagement, and you’ve done just that without any challenge or context whatsoever, just plunk, here’s some white supremacists and self-hating minorities, and here’s what they want to say!

I’m not normally one to go in on Queerty for low-effort reporting, but come on, this is not only low effort, but actually amplification of the messages of all these deplorables.

Rewrite it with some conclusions, please.

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